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Outlast 2 – All Reversed Audio Recordings + SUBTITLES (All School Recording played backwards)

Outlast 2 – All Reversed Audio Recordings + SUBTITLES (All School Recording played backwards)

All 9 Reversed audio recordings you can make during the St. Sybil School Scenes contain audio that is played back in reverse. This video plays the recording in the right order with subtitles.

The reversed audio recordings have tons of background noise and a few lines are almost impossible to make out. These parts are left blank for now. If you know what they say let me know and i will add them to the description. 🙂


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1 00:10 Jessica’s Suicide Note:
Dear Lord, sweet Jesus, forgive my sins and accept my gratitude. Thank you God for killing the child.

2 00:28 Hanged Jessica:
You remove the temptation and the armor of the flesh ??? was able to resist.”

3 00:43 A Game of Hangman:
I’m weak but you are strong for me. How generous. You gave me life, you gave me talent.”

4 01:01 A Sickness in St. Sybil:
The gift of music and mathematics and love. Those fleeting moments. ??? music and love become the same thing.

5 01:18 Ruptures:
You let me share my bliss with the children. Who may be able to take my bigger talents and turn them into glory.”

6 01:33 Roots and Branches:
Let me share in their wanted path to adulthood. Moments when a child learns those things everybody else already knows, but doesn’t talk about it.

7 01:51 They’re All Going to Laugh at You:
She was so ripe with possibility. So resilient, smiley, flirty. Never even aware of the power she had.

8 02:09 Pulse:
You killed her. You saw what she was. ??? rested on her shoulders as much as on my own. You took her, and i could not.

9 02:32 I Have Lots of Friends:
You killed her, But i never told a soul. I kept your secret. Our secret. Thank you. Thank you. Never told a soul. ??? of her suicide wash over ??? accepted the tragedy of her murder.


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