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Shooting Chopper with Mortar – Ghost Recon Wildlands (Pull! Achievement / Trophy Guide)

Ghost Recon Wildlands – Pull! Achievement / Trophy Guide – Shot a chopper with a mortar

The Mortar in Ghost Recon Wildlands is unlocked automatically early on in the story. Once you unlock the mortars you can select them by holding RB/R1 and confirming a target.

Since it’s extremely hard to hit a helicopter with a mortar, you want to select a “Steal Helicopter” side mission and go for a helicopter that is taking off.

These side missions can be found by finding intel across the map.

Once you are at one of these side missions, use the drone to find the lieutenant, because he is the one who will jump in the helicopter once the alarm hits.

Make your position know, select the mortar and aim it at the helicopter. As soon as the lieutentant runs for the helicopter, start your mortars and you should hit the helicopter while taking off.

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