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Nier Automata – Emil’s Memories “LUNAR TEAR” Quest Guide

Nier Automata – Emil’s Memories “LUNAR TEAR” Quest Guide

The Quest “Emil’s Memories” in Nier Automata where you collect Lunar Tears requires a bit of story progression. After the main story leads you to the castle and you fought A2, visit Pascal in the woods once again.

Now Emil will appear near the desert entrance and you can start the Lunar Star Mission. Talk to him and find the first Lunar Tear in the mall and Emil will tell you to find 4 more Lunar Tears.

LUNAR TEAR 1 (Desert: Camp) 03:03
The desert can be a bit tricky because the location on the map can’t be accesed at the spot. Instead you have to enter a nearby cave jump a few rocks to get to the first Lunar Tear.

LUNAR TEAR 2 (Park Ruins: Attraction Sq.) 05:47
Starting from the transport point, you can find the second flower downstairs in an alley.

LUNAR TEAR 3 (Flooded City: Coast) 07:11
The next main quest after you completed the woods, leads you to the flooded city through a sewer. Follow the path of destroyed buildings in the water to find the third Lunar Tear.

LUNAR TEAR 4 (Forest Zone: Center) 09:04
On the way to the castle behind the mall is the last Lunar Tear. Make your way down the waterfalls and stay on the right side until you get to a cave. Inside you can find the last flower for Emil.

Once you found #4, Emil will give you the elevator key in the mall where you can complete the side quest “Emil’s Memories”.

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