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Sniper Elite 4 – Unlocking the Trench Gun (Shotgun) in Mission 2 – Trench Gun Location in Sniper Elite 4

Here’s a quick way to get the Trench Gun (Shotgun) in Sniper Elite 4 during Mission 2.

The Trench Gun in Sniper Elite 4 is a powerful weapon that can be found early on in the campaign, but requires a special objective to be unlocked as a loadout weapon in the menu.

Trench Gun Location in Mission 2

In order to own the Trench gun you have to kill a sniper with the Trench Gun. This requires you to find this weapon in a mission first. Mission 2 is a good way to get this weapon since it is easy to pick up in the Headquarter near the center of the map.

Grab it from there and make your way east to the small sniper tower. Simply equip the Trench gun, climb the tower and shoot the sniper.

You can now select the Trench gun before every mission in the loadout menu.

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