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Sniper Elite 4 – Artillery Strike – Fire and Brimstone Achievement

Sniper Elite 4 – Kill 5 enemies with an artillery strike – Fire and Brimstone Achievement / Trophy

Before you can call in artillery strikes you need to find the enemy type called “spotter” and steal his Flare Gun which lets you perform air strikes.

Fire and Brimstone (Achievement / Trophy)
Kill 5 enemies with a single artillery strike

An Easy mission for the Fire and Brimstone Achievement / Trophy is Mission 6 (Magazzeno Facility).

Grab the Flare Gun straight ahead from a spotter early on in the mission and follow the video to the spot in the video. If you stay undetected you can find more than 5 enemies standing very close together. Select the Flare Gun from the menu and mark the targeted artillery strike right in the middle of the group.

Credit to Powerpyx for this spot

YOUTUBE PLAYLIST for Sniper Elite 4


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