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Resident Evil 7 – Mia Videotape (Not getting spotted by Marguerite)

Resident Evil 7 (RE 7 Biohazard) – Mia Videotape (Not getting spotted by Marguerite) Can’t Catch Me Achievement / Trophy

Can’t Catch Me Achievement / Trophy
Complete the Mia videotape without being spotted by Marguerite.

The Mia videotape will put you against Marguerite who is walking through the house, but she always takes the same routes and you can avoid here very easy once you know what she does.

Enter the house and follow the doors you can interact with. Once see a box, she will come through a door across the hallway. Hide behind the box until she leaves through the other door.

Now go through the door where she came in. The next room has a shadow puzzle but you can’t solve it yet since Marguerite is coming back into the room. Go outside and hide on the right side behind the door. She will walk around for quite a while but won’t come to the right side. After she leaves, you can solve the shadow puzzle and progress through the narrow wall.

Once you exit the broken wall and walk a bit, Marguerite will show up one more time. Hide behind the pile of wood in the middle and wait until she walks past the wood you are hiding behind. As soon as she starts walking towards the broken wall you can walk ahead and drop down into the hole in the floor. After a short cutscene you have completed the Mia videotape.

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