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Destiny The Dawning – “Make a Rainbow” Elite Bounty Guide – How to earn Rainbow Medals

Destiny The Dawning – “Make a Rainbow” Elite Vanguard Bounty Guide – How to earn Rainbow Medals

To get the Rainbow Elite bounty you have to go to Zavala in the Tower and pick up the new bounty.

Start a weekly strike or the nightfall (better if you want to work on it without a team interfering)

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You now have to earn 10 Rainbow Medals, which is 3 kills with your primary, secondary and heavy each (Any order). A streak medal will pop up once you have your 3 kills with one weapon. These streaks give you a good amount of time, so you don’t have to do a triple kill. But you still should keep it relatively tight to be sure.

Once you earned a streak, you have all the time in the world to get your next streak (weapon order doesn’t matter). This doesn’t seem to have a timer that exprires.

But it seems that you have to keep the order Primary, Secondary and Heavy to earn a rainbow medal.

Once you have all 10 rainbow medals you can turn in your elite bounty in the progression menu for a legendary armor piece, legendary marks and some xp.


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