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Watch Dogs 2 – All 7 Unique Vehicle Locations (Hidden Cars)

Watch Dogs 2 – All 7 Unique Vehicle Locations (Hidden Cars)


There are 7 Unique vehicles hidden in Watch Dogs 2. Most of these cars have easy locations and some require a some early upgrades.

All of the Unique vehicles can be found with the REMOTE CTRL Upgrades Remote Forclift or Enhanced Spring. You also need the Vehicle Directional Hack for one Secret Car.

The Unique Vehicles cover almost all car classes from Vans to Performance cars and give you a good selection of awesome cars right at the start. You can travel to the hidden cars easy with the fast travel function that is unlocked from the start.

Here are all 7 Unique Vehicle Locations:

1 00:03 SPORTS CAR – Ice Cube / Sumitzu Auto

2 00:56 STANDARD VEHICLE – Flip Wagon / Bogen

3 01:56 MOTORCYCLE – Rainbow Missile / Fruttato

4 03:37 PERFORMANCE CAR – The Dangerzone / Targ Motors

5 05:50 OFF ROAD – Mountain King / Brubeck Engines

6 07:02 MUSCLE CAR – Wrecker / Global Motors

7 07:57 HEAVY VEHICLE – Danger Mobile / Landrock Motors


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