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All Teddy Locations for Secret MW1 Song (Infinite Warfare Zombies)

All Teddy Locations for secret MW1 song in Spaceland. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies. “I Love the 80’s” Achievement / Trophy Guide.

All Teddy “Employee of the month” locations for the secret MW1 Song. 
The First part of the “I Love The 80’s” Achievement / Trophy in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies, involves finding 3 “Employee of the month” boards with Teddy bears on it.

There are 9 of these Employee boards on the map and the 3 that have the Teddy bears on it change position every time.

Make your way around the map and find the ones with the Teddy’s. After you shoot them, the Teddy will disappear and after you shot the third the secret MW 1 song will start playing.

Credit to Sazalas and DazzA for confirming the total number of employee of the month boards.


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