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Destiny: Rise of Iron – Exotic Bounty Guide “Khvostov 7G-0X”

Khvostov 7G-0X Exotic Bounty Guide

  1. You already have the original Khvostov. Then simply have to dismantle it and you get the schematic. In this case you can skip to step 3 in the video (02:28)
  2. You don’t have the original Khvostov. Then you need to complete a few things first. Start with step 1 in the video.


STEP 1 Getting the Splicer Key (00:22)
Go to the Plaguelands and look for the Brood Mother. These wizards spawn all over the place and drop the Splicer Key you need for Step 2.

STEP 2 Getting the Schematic (00:58)
Start from the patrol point on the Plaguelands again and go back the way you came in for the first Rise of Iron Mission on earth. IT’S IMPORTANT THAT YOU START HERE, you can’t start from the regular old russia patrol point.

Return to the Rocketyard, turn left and go back to The Breach where the first mission in Destiny started.

Use your Splicer Key to get through the lasers and get onto the airship in the first area. The schematics are in the back right corner in a chest.

STEP 3 Accept the Exotic Quest (02:28)
Go to Shiro-4 in the new social space and accept the new KHVOSTOV 7G-0X Exotic Bounty.

STEP 4 Collect 10 Manual Pages (02:53)
These manual pages are dropping from any enemies. So simply hunt them down in patrol mode in the Plaguelands and you get them in no time.

STEP 5 Collect 3 Khvostov Parts (03:21)
Again start from the patrol point in the Plaguelands and follow the video to all 3 locations

STEP 6 Accepting the Final Mission (06:02)
Return to Shiro-4 and collect the final mission from him.

STEP 7 Defeat Kaviss and Collect the Weapon (06:40)
This is a fairly tough mission depending on your lvl, but it can be done with a 330 guardian. Kaviss will retreat over and over until you in the final area that is heavily guarded. After you kill him, the KHVOSTOV 7G-0X Exotic Auto Rifle is yours. Complete the mission and return to Shiro-04 to complete this Exotic Bounty.

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