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How to find Archon’s Forge (Archon’s Keep) in Destiny: Rise of Iron

How to find the Archon’s Forge in Archon’s Keep

FORGING AHEAD (Achievement / Trophy)
Complete and Encounter in the Archon’s Forge

The Archon’s Forge is a new public event that can be accessed through the Archon’s Keep in patrol mode.

You need SIVA offerings to start the event. There are 3 offerings that you can activate at the console.

Uncommon SIVA offering: Light Level 300
Rare SIVA offering: Light Level 330
Legendary SIVA offering: Light Level 360

The higher the level, the better the rewards at the end, so it is recommended to come with a full fireteam if you are going for light level 360.

If someone dies, they will spawn outside of the Archon’s Forge and will have to wait it out, unless they have a Splicer key. In this case you can enter the arena and continue.

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