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Forza Horizon 3 – “Throw Your Weight Around” Achievement – (Get 3 stars with a 2500 kg car)

Throw Your Weight Around (Achievement)
Get 3 Stars on a Drift Zone in a car weighing at least 2500 kg.

For this achievement you have to get one of the trucks in the game over 2500 kg and get it in drifting shape.

Credit goes to “v SATAN x” for the tune and the drift challenge.

This is very easy to do with the FORD Raptor 2017 and the tune called “Throwing Weight”. You can search for it in the Tuning menu. You can also try to tune it for yourself bring it up a few kg and try it out, but the setup from “v SATAN x” is very well suited for drifts.

One of the drift spots that is easy to repeat and complete at the same time is “Silver Sands” on the east coast. You need to get 25000 points for 3 stars.

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