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Forza Horizon 3 – “Fly Like a Regal” Achievement (Jump 300ft in Supervan)


“Fly Like a Regal” Achievement
Jump 300ft on the airport Danger Sign using the Reliant Supervan.

First you need to find the Reliant Supervan from it’s hidden Barn Find Spot near the Airport. The Supervan can only be collected after you get a Barn Findings Rumor for that spot.

Next you need to upgrade the Reliant Supervan to make the 300ft jump. Look for community upgrade presets for B 700.

Now you need to upgrade the airport festival to the point where you unlock the danger sign that is right next to the airport.

To make the 300 ft jump for “Fly Like a Regal” you have to back up a long distance to get the speed required. You might have to do this a couple of times because the Supervan tends to flip quite easily.

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