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Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to get on top of the Iron Temple

How to get to the top of the Iron Temple and Collect the Cluster

The SIVA Cluster in the Iron Temple is insanely well hidden and requires a long jumping puzzle up the mountain.

The Puzzle starts off to the left of your spawnpoint near the stairs. The good thing is there is only one way up and it is not too hard to find the way most of the time. Your biggest problem will be falling down.

There are 2-3 tricky spots where you can only tap the jump button or you will overshoot the rock you want to land on or you will bounce off a rock that is in your way.

If you fall down you can spawn just a few steps from where you left off, or at the bottom of the Iron Temple. It depends where you fell and you can only hope that you don’t lose all the progress.

At the top awaits you a fire and a SIVA cluster for your collection

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