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Destiny – How To Get INFECTED for Rise of Iron

Destiny – How To Get Infected for Rise of Iron

Reddit Megathreat

Bungie Infection Site

How to get Infected

Bungie spread this “infection” to some streamers who were able to pass this on to other players and so on. By now you see this colorful infection effect on almost every player in the crucible.

Your best chance is in the Crucible, playing a team based game. If you follow someone with a shiny head, make sure you stay close and pick up their Orbs, because this is how you get the infection buffs from this player. In total there are 5 right now. It is also possible to get these infections in PVE modes like strikes or raids but it seems to be unclear how to get them for sure here.

Also, if you have multiple characters you have to pick them up for each one seperately. They don’t transfer automatically.

What they do at the moment is, give you an xp bonus that doesn’t seem to be specific. It also stacks with other xp bonuses you currently have.

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