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We Happy Few – 5 Tips to Survive in this bleak world


We Happy Few – 5 Tips to Survive in this bleak world

The rules of the game and boundaries can be a little confusing at first and some things like crafting and the permadeath are some things to get used to, so here are a few tips to help you on your first trip.


Permadeath is a big draw in We Happy Few. It makes the whole experience a lot more tense, but it’s good to keep in mind that you can turn it off to experience the world if you want. With permadeath turned off you still have to face some heavy penalties like thirst and bleeding. So keep that in mind. It really comes down to your playstyle, but i would really recommend that you turn it on for your first game. Having the uncertainty of an unknown world and scavenging around with permadeath on is just a thrill.


Food and water will be another big challenge in We Happy Few. The difference between the two is that you have plenty of water sources around that you can use without stealing it. Many times getting food does involve stealing which has a high risk of being chased down and having to start over. So always keep in mind to find wasted or spoiled food around just to keep you going. This can cause some major health issues that hold you back so make sure to have some pills in your inventory if you choose to go for spoiled food.


Most games ignore this but in We Happy Few this can get you in trouble very fast. Always try to unselect your weapon when you are wondering around. Even if other npcs’s are carrying weapons like the police, keep your weapon unselected and you will have a lot less trouble.


Not drawing attention to yourself and being stealthy is your best option most of the time. But when it comes to going into a fight always keep in mind that your weapons break and if they do you most likely won’t be able to pick another one since the time doesn’t stop in the menu screen. You will be able to unlock a second weapon slot but as long as you just have the one, always keep track of your current weapon durability. Because if it breaks during a fight against multiple enemies, you have a serious problem.


Crafting is probably the most important thing to keep track of in We Happy Few aside from eating and drinking of course. By finding components in the world, you unlock recipes for powerful weapons and gadgets. Unlocking a recipe doesn’t mean that you can craft them instantly, it just tells you the components needed, even if you don’t have all of them. So keep these recipes in mind because some of the strongest items in the game can be crafted here. Especially when it comes to weapon, it gets a lot easier to deal with hostile crowds.

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