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No Man’s Sky – How to find “ATLAS PASS”


No Man’s Sky – How to find “ATLAS PASS” early on in the game – Atlas Pass Location Guide

First off, start your adventure and pick the guidance from Atlas at the very beginning, where you repair your ship (You will still be able to get the Atlas Pass if you explore for yourself).

Usually it takes about 3 or 4 Warps until you get the chance at the pass. So don’t worry and explore for a while and build your Warp Cells.

You will be notified in the Galaxy map about an Atlas interface. Go there and Collect your present. The next time you visit the Galaxy map you should get a notice about an anomaly. Travel there and inside the anomaly you will be rewarded with the “Atlas Pass”.

You can now upgrade your Suit with more slots and open v1 doors on planets.

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