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No Man’s Sky DUPLICATION Glitch / Exploit


No Man’s Sky DUPLICATION Glitch / Exploit

Duplication Glitch in No Man’s Sky

  1. Place all items you want duplicated in your ship slots. Only these can be duplicated, not the ones that you keep in your suit.

  2. Go to a space station and enter and leave your ship twice. This will create 2 save games in the menu. You will need the “previous” save in a minute.

  3. Hop in your ship, fly out of the space station and get yourself killed by shooting at the space station.

  4. After the game puts you back into the space station, open up the menu and reload the “previous” save game. Now you regain your items in the ship and your grave will still be outside.

Pick the duplicates from the grave and repeat as often as you want.

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