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DEUS EX: Mankind Divided – Missing Gold Penguin (The Golden Rookery)


DEUS EX: Mankind Divided – Missing Gold Penguin (The Golden Rookery)

The Golden Rookery (Achievement / Trophy)

Find The Missing Gold Penguin and return him back to his colony.

Mission 7 (The Rucker Extraction)

When you start in the RVAC Row, go straight, up the ramp and climb the first ladder. If you go right, and hop up the trash to the next floor you find a little room with the Gold Penguin. You can carry it around, but you can’t run or open doors. You have to put the penguin down every time you interact with something.

Now, in order to get “The Golden Rookery” Achievement / Trophy, you have to carry the statue a good portion through the level and place him next to his colony.

Follow the mission marker to the restricted area that’s protected by 2 guards and lasers. Get into the vent underneath the stairs and enter the next room.


Grab the gold penguin and continue to the next area that greets you with another set of lasers. Crawl through the opening to your left and continue on up the stairs. When you enter the market place you will see a police officer on the phone. He carries the keycard for the elevator. Wait until he stops talking and walks to the back. Take him out and grab the card. The elevator will spare you a lot of time and headache. Once you get off the elevator, step into the next room.


Grab the Gold Penguin from the previous room and continue on. Cloak through the lasers and disable them. Hack the terminal in the next room and take the elevator up.


The next area is filled with enemies and it’s not easy to stay undetected, but if you go through the left container and jump up the bags to the next floor you won’t have much trouble. Jump over the fence to your right and straight down another level through the opening in front of you. Go through the door and smash the vent. Shoot the Gold Penguin over the electrified area and jump over the electricity to find the golden penguin colony. Place your penguin on the chair to open up a hidden safe that holds a praxis kit for you.


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