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Fallout 4 Console Mods WEEK #5 – Force Grenade, War in the Commonwealth, LK-05 Carbine,…

Fallout 4 Console Mods WEEK #5 – Force Grenade, War in the Commonwealth, LK-05 Carbine,…

Weekly Console Mods https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6KL5bfTFYYUiC_RSQqg80-kmIDFkZn8z

Institute Portal Gun by ElPolloAzul 00:25


The first mod is actually from last week but i wanted to pack it in since it is such a cool mod, that can be very helpful and also a lot of fun to mess around with. The Institute Portal Gun is free and can be picked up in Diamond City in a locked container.

It basically works just as the Gun in Portal. So by placing an orange and a blue portal, you create a teleportation gate between the two places and can hop between these two places in a second. To switch between the orange and blue on your weapon, you have to go into the menu and deselect and select the Portal Pistol again. The cool thing is that you can teleport almost anywhere you want, even outside of the intended gamespace. You can even teleport between buildings or large distances which can make for some nice shortcuts.

LK-05 Carbine by DOOMBASED 01:44


Next up is a new weapon called LK 05 Carbine. The weapon is fully automatic and can be customized in every fashion. While It’s a very strong weapon, it is not intended to be overpowered by the author, so if you’re want to keep the challenge up even with mods you can definitely add this weapon to your inventory.

After the mod is installed you can find the weapon on some enemies or simply buy it from the weapons vendor in Diamond City.

Moribund World by AdrianMoro 02:51


Console Mod #3 is an atmosphere and environment enhancement and changes the look and feel to the classic Fallout look. For it’s tiny file size, this mod changes the feel of the wasteland perfectly. Almost every exterior has new lightning and weather effects that add a lot of scary atmosphere to the game.

Renovated Decorations by aesfocus 03:44


The next mod is for your home and brings some nice color schemes. It’s called Renovated Decorations and comes with a ton of curtains and carpets.
The curtains snap to the ceiling automatically just like the original ones.
If you are someone who likes a modern touch it’s a great mod to have installed for later when it’s time to build a new home again.

Altered Grenades… by dyingDECOY 04:23


At #5 we have a grenade mod that is completely overpowered and turns frag grenades, pulse grenades and baseball grenades into deadly force powers.
So while this mod is active you won’t be able to use these grenade types in their original form. First up you can build them at your chemistry station. The frag grenade turns into the Force Blast, the pulse grenade is now the force lightning and the baseball grenade will now be the repulsor. The force lightning has to be aimed exactly at an enemy while the other two completely destroy everything in a small blast radius.

War Of The Commonwealth by Engager 05:28


The last one for this week is actually a bit tricky to recommend because it has caused some problems while i was playing. But i’ll explain in a second. First up the mod is called War of the Commonwealth and what it does is turn the wasteland into a battlefield basically. The mod add’s 1000s of new enemy spawn points in the world and gives you a lot more to do on open areas that were completely empty before. The great thing about this mod is that your allies and enemies have randomized patrol routes in the world now, so you can come across 10 friendly soldiers in a field now fighting other enemies.

It brings a lot of life to some previously dead areas and also gives you a good challenge. The downside to this great mod is that it will make your loading times quite a bit longer and it can cause performance problems and can corrupt save games. So if you want to try this i would recommend doing it on a new game. But other than that this mod brings a lot of hectic fun and life to the world. That’s it for this week guys, hope you enjoyed this weeks console mods and see you in the next one.

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