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Steep – Can it revive the dead snowboard and skate genre?

We take a look at the new gameplay from the E3 Steep gameplay.  Can it bring back the glory of previous popular wintersport and skating games like Amped and Skate?

Steep E3 Gameplay thoughts

I’ve just watched the Ubisoft E3 show and as a big fan of Snowboard and Skating games, i was pretty excited to see the new footage from the upcoming winter sports game Steep at the Ubisoft E3 floor today. I think these genres are wildly under-represent. I remember back on games like Amped and Skate and they’re up there with the games that i had the most fun with since i’ve been playing games.

So i wanted to take a quick look at what we’ve learned from the short video of Steep at E3. Although it’s hard to tell from the footage if the game will come together as a whole and will make doing tricks enjoyable and rewarding, there are some hints at some great ideas that could make it work.

It does seem to follow the recent open world trend where you can come across other players on the mountain and join them, complete challenges and make up your own. There isn’t much of a story element to the game so far but it could be announced soon because the game is coming out in december.

So far it seems like the game has a big focus on “make your own experience” instead of a set path for you. This could be a good or bad thing depending on how fun the actual game is.

But i have to say, i love the feel of the game from what i’ve seen. There’s always something more to be desired from the graphics and there are some rough looking rocks and blurry textures in this early footage, but i guess we’re still a couple of years away from photo realism. The tracks you leave in the snow look great though and that’s something i’ve always wanted in snowboard game.

Then there’s also the Go-Pro view in Steep that is basically a first person view. It looks hectic as hell, but is a nice idea for this kind of game and if they decide to make this vr compatible, which it probably will, i couldn’t be more happy. You wouldn’t be able to play it longer than 10 minutes probably because of all the constant camera rumble, but this looks like the perfect game for virtual reality.

There’s also the replay feature that lets you track your route back, see how you performed certain spots and even check out what your teammates did in detail. You can even make challenges out of you track, which sounds like a really fun idea for this type of user generated content.

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