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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – All Mission 4 Collectibles (Back in The Game)

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Mission 4 Collectibles “Back in The Game” Secret Bags, Documents, Recordings

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Collectibles YOUTUBE PLAYLIST

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst 3 STAR Dashes YOUTUBE PLAYLIST

Achievement / Trophy for collecting all Secret Bags, Documents, Recordings

  • “Story Teller” Find every recording and document in Glass
  • “P.I. Connors” Find every secret bag hidden in Glass

Mission 4 Collectibles (Back in The Game)


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#1 Document 00:05
#2 Secret Bag 00:23
#3 Recording 00:42
#4 Document 00:55
#5 Recording 01:14
#6 Secret Bag 01:27

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