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Fallout 4 – New DLC Info “Contraptions Workshop”

Bethesda shared their upcoming Fallout 4 DLC’s Contraptions Workshop, Vault-Tec Workshop and Nuka World. We take a look at the new features and what you can expect from the new content.

Fallout 4 (New DLC’s Info)

Bethesda’s E3 press conference gave us a small look at the upcoming 3 DLC’s, with one coming out every month until august. The first one is called contraptions workshop which is coming out tomorrow, june 14th. If you own the season pass, this will be a free update and 5 dollars for those who don’t own the season pass. I’ll be talking a bit more about this one at the end of the video, but let’s see what else is coming.

In july we will get the vault-tech workshop dlc which will have the same pricing as the contraptions workshop and will let you build your own vaults, customize them and run experiments on your dwellers. It will be interesting to see what these experiments will look like and how complex you can make your vaults. They seem to have integrated some elements from fallout shelter with the side views, which looks really cool and should make even bigger vaults overseeable.

The last new DLC that was announced is the Nuka World, which is coming in August and will go for . This amusement park expansion will let us explore a whole new region of the map and will span over different theme park zones. Since this DLC is a little pricier it also comes with new quests, weapons creatures and raiders.

This sounds like a whole lot of fun for the next months and with mods to build upon these new dlc’s, there will be tons of exciting new content to play.

But let’s take a quick look at the contraptions workshop that is out tomorrow. Like in the first workshop DLC, it doesn’t contain new story elements and is meant to extend your settlements and crafting experience. At the heart of it, it seems to focus on the factory aspect the most. You can automate crafting processes that you would usually gather throughout the world. You can set up conveyer belts, connecting different areas and build elevators for huge factory buildings.

There’s also new scaffolding kits that you can combine with the track kits which let you build crazy structures, that i’m excited to try out. At the moment i’m not too sure what the exact use or benefit is but, we will find out in a few hours.

Aside from logic gates that will be one of the more complex gadgets, there’s also new kits for building a greenhouse, a warehouse new armor racks and even fireworks.

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