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Fallout 4 Console Mods WEEK #3 – Reaper Armor, Snipers,…

Fallout 4 Console Mods – WEEK #3 – Reaper Armor Set from Overwatch, Badass Sniper Rifles and more

FALLOUT 4 Console Mods Week #3

1. Reaper Armor (00:30)

This mod is called Reaper Armor and requires the Far Harbor DLC. It’s an armor set that is done by Lagrie and is based on the Reaper character from Overwatch. You can find it at a new location in the Commonwealth called Soul Harvester Camp. In order to get the outfit you will have to kill them. Two of them drop the armor and they are tough to kill. So if you have some mini-nukes to spare, this would be a good use. The outfits support male and female characters, have some interesting stats to them and first and foremost, look extremely cool.

2. Better Item Names (01:29)

Next up are two menu sorting mods that will clean up your Pipboy. It’s something that was always difficult to work through with Bethesda games if you’re on console. It doesn’t fix the problem completely but it’s a good start and many items will get a prefix, so you can pack certain aid items or weapons together and find your meds or grenades easier. We have to see how this mod will be supported and develops over time but this kind of sorting mod is a must have.

3. KeyNuker and keyRing (02:11)

The second menu mod is called KeyNuker and is done by Neanka. This will store all keys, passwords and cards away to make room in the miscellaneous section for stuff that you will actually use. The keys and passwords will be stored away at the bottom of the miscellaneous section.
These menu mods are just the beginning and i’m sure we will see lots of improvements over time.

4. Craftable DLC Posters (02:45)

The next one is pretty basic and adds a fun flavour to your home in the fashion of fallout 4 posters that you can add to your interior. It’s done by “TheRealElia…” and called Craftable DLC Paintings. You can find the painting under Decoration – Wall – Paintings. They can have some collision problems but when i tried them out, they worked perfectly fine. So if you want to spice your home up with some colorful Fallout 4 art, this is a great way to extend you art collection.

5. Green in the Commonwealth (03:31)

Up next is a mod called “Green in the Commonwealth” by gadogred, it will make your whole Fallout 4 experience a little friendlier and put on plants and leaves where they once where. Some areas will be more dense than others but if you’re like me and have your home at Red Rocket, you will be pleasantly surprised. Don’t worry though, the nuked areas of the map will still be as bleak as they were before.

6. Modular Simonov Snipers(04:25)

The last one for this week is called Modular Simonov by kazumamqj. This one is a set of Sniper rifles that are a lot of fun to use and are pretty OP. There are new ammo types introduced that can deal all kinds of damage. Ranging from Explosive, Pulse, Plasma and Armor Piercing to Uranium. The 3 Rifles can be customized in every fashion and there’s also the a new melee weapon called “Old School Can Opener”. There’s a lot of fun to be had with these weapons and if you have some room to spare in your quick menu it’s definitely something to consider.

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