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Beginners Guide for Contraptions Workshop (Fallout 4)

Beginners Guide for Contraptions Workshop (Fallout 4)

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The new Contraptions Workshop DLC has been out for a few days and everyone who has experimented with the new factory items will probably know how complex the whole thing can get.

Today i wanted to focus on your first steps though and how to set up up basic manufacturing machines.

To start off there’s lots of manufacturing machines that will produce all kinds of items like food, weapons and ammo.

At the end of this machine you will most likely want a storage container that keeps the produced items in one place for you to pick up.

You also want to have a terminal connected to them. This is how you tell the machine what to produce next. And the last thing you need is of course power. This small setup doesn’t require nearly as much as this Fusion Generator produces, but if your factory expands you will need more and more power.

In my case, i want to produce shotgun shells. After connecting the manufacturing machine and the terminal to the power source, you can set the terminal to the item that you want.

The terminal also tells you what resources you need to feed the machine to produce the item. The Shotgun Shells require lead, plastic and fertilizer. You can place these resources into the machine or simply dump all your junk in there to make future projects faster.

It takes a while until the machine spits out the first shotgun shell, but if you see the machine moving you are good to go.

The other thing i want to show you is the sorting machine. This link gives you another option and let’s you sort 2 different kinds of objects into different conveyer belts.

There’s a sorting machine that goes by components and one that goes by objects. In my case i want to simply sort by objects, so i put the item that i want to go on the second conveyer belt in the sorter.

As long as this is in there all items except the Toy Alien will go straight.

If you would use the component sorting machine, you could place rubber or plastic in the sorter. This would sort out all objects that have these two components in them and place them on the second conveyer belt.

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