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Fallout 4: Far Harbor | New Loot Location (Secret Shed filled with Junk and Ammo)

Fallout 4: Far Harbor | There’s a new loot location called the Cranberry Island Supply Shed and one of the best junk location full of Ammo and all kinds of good stuff you need for crafting.

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Cranberry Island Supply Shed (Loot Shed)

Here’s a quick guide on how to access this huge stash of junk in the new Far Harbor DLC in Fallout. This stash requires a key and a few steps you have to complete to open it. First you need to repair 3 generators. All of them are nearby and you can get to them quickly.

After all of the generators are running you can get to the key that opens the stash. Go to this location, take out the enemies that come your way and grab the key next to the entrance.

Now you can finally access the Cranberry Island Supply Shed. This place is packed with junk and it is great to stock up on materials. Like all places in the game this will reset after a certain amount of ingame days, so keep checking back here to restock again.

Fallout 4: Far Harbor | New Loot Location
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