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Doom 4 | Happy Birthday Easter Egg (Secret Room Location)


Doom 4 | Happy Birthday Easter Egg (Secret Room Location with Birthday Cake) Best Easter Eggs in the new Doom


Doom 4 | Happy Birthday Easter Egg

There are 13 Retro room maps that you can unlock from previous Doom games. Each mission has one secret room that unlocks the Retro map in the main menu for you to play.

During the mission “Titan’s Realm” you will come across with lots of enemies and a yellow booster platform that you can see in the back of the room.

Walk up the stairs to your right and follow the second floor following the wall to the end. The Secret Happy Birthday room is behind a crack in the wall that you have to jump up to.

It is too small for you to get through but since this is an easter egg it’s just meant to trick you and you are able to glitch through the wall.

Now you’re in the hidden happy birthday easter egg room. Not much of a party going on here.

Doom 4 | Happy Birthday Easter Egg
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