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Quantum Break BEST EASTER EGGS (Act 1 Secrets)


Quantum Break BEST EASTER EGGS (Act 1)


Easter Egg 1 (Mystery Trailer) 00:03

The first one is part of the collectibles and hard to miss. Right in front of the main building you will be able to watch a mystery trailer with a familiar face if you’re following the studio.

Easter Egg 2 (Sam Lake Book) 02:26

After one of your first encounters inside you can find a book called “Time Travel and Quantum Physics” with a picture of Sam Lake on it. Writer and Creative Director of the game that also played a role in the trailer before.

Easter Egg 3 (Alan Wake) 02:49

Next up is the classroom in the university that shows the name Alan Wake, a game that was also created by Remedy the Studio of Quantum Break. The chackboard tells you the main themes of Alan Wake.

Easter Egg 4 (Team Pictures) 03:20

In Part 3 of Act 1 you can also find a trophy room that shows certificates and photos that seem to be creators from the studio. Stay tuned for more Quantum Break including collectible guides that will be coming soon. Until Then, Have a great day and see you next time.

Quantum Break – Best Easter Eggs in Act 1 (Secrets and Hidden Easter Eggs in Quantum Break. Best Hidden Secrets in Act 1
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