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The Division | Shield Glitch (Primary + Shield Exploit)

The Division | Shield Glitch (Primary + Shield Exploit)


The shield glitch is pretty powerful and it hasn’t been been fixed so far. It’s a powerful exploit that can give a less experienced group a leg up in the challenging missions but in some cases it is completely gamebreaking in the darkzone, so i hope this will get fixed soon.

To start off you need the ballistic shield equipped in one slot and either the support station, the seeker mine or the turret in the other slot. Make sure both skills are available and activate the shield first like you would usually. Next, start sprinting and while you’re in sprint drop the support station. Now you have your primary weapon equipped and you can even swap weapons.

Now this is a huge benefit since you can even take on or at least distract enemies like the dreaded shotgun guys on challenging and make your live a bit easier in the challenging mode. But in the end it won’t make a big difference outside the dark zone.

If you sprint, the weapon will reset and you switch back to your pistol. You can keep the shield up again while the other skill recharges or throw away the shield and do it over. If you sprint and drop your second skill again you can still switch to your primary again.

The Division | Shield Glitch (Primary + Shield Exploit)
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