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The Division | Farming Phoenix Credits and High End Gear


The Division | Farming Phoenix Credits and High End Gear


After Bullet King and named enemies have been patched there’s really no way to farm these enemies anymore, but with this little mission glitch you can stock up on phoenix credits and purple or even high-end weapons relatively fast.

Credit goes to GunBrothersGaming https://www.youtube.com/user/GunBrothersGaming


Make your way to the Police Academy and start the mission. You basically start off where the end fight will take place and you can glitch into the building using the mobile cover.

Throw it up against the door so you can take cover on the inside and you can walk right through it. Now to get the mission to think that you’ve been through the whole building, you have to activate the echo in the next room. After this is done you can go back into the previous room and wait until you can interact with the control panel. This will set up the final fight for you.

The door will be breached and you have to fight off the first wave of enemies. After that Scarecrow and some other enemies will come in with a helicopter on the roof next to you. Now all you have to do is kill Scarecrow and collect your phoenix credits and the gear he drops.

This will be a lot easier and faster with a team but if you’re lvl 30 you can still do it in a decent time. Hope this helped out and see you guys next time.

The Division | Farming Phoenix Credits and High End Gear
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