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Fallout 4 | After Patch 1.4 Unlimited Money and XP Glitch

Fallout 4 | After Patch 1.4 Unlimited Money and XP Glitch


For preparation you need the Automatron DLC of course and you have to be far enough into the story to build your own Robot Workstation, which won’t take long. Go up to your workstation and choose Ada as your bot. As her head you want to pick the sentry version.


Next go to the Helm option underneath it and craft both the reaper and Ahab’s helm. This will also work with the Factory Helm on top but it isn’t nearly as effective. So if you want to get the best out of this, scavenge around until you have the parts for the two helmets Reaper and Ahab.

Craft them both and back out of the workstation for a second. Stash all your junk away that could be used for crafting theses helmets, since they will be lost while doing this and go back into the workstation. Pick Ada again and go to her head.

You can now go back and forth equipping these two helmets and get xp every time you do it, without resources being spent. If you would do this with the Factory Helm, you would have to scroll up and down every time you craft one item which costs a lot of time.

This also might work with other mods so let me know if you found a better way to do this.


Since you get a new helmet every time you do this method you will stock up a lot. So you can go to a vendor, give him all the helmets and pick and choose whatever you want in the store. This comes in very handy if you want to stock up on ammo or buy a new weapon that is really expensive.


You shouldn’t do this method extremely fast, if you hammer on your controls and just go up and down the reaper helm will get unavailable. So keep a steady pace while you do it. But if you mess up you can always reload the latest checkpoint and pick up from there.

Fallout 4: Automatron – After Patch 1.4 Unlimited Money and XP
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