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Dying Light: The Following | DUPLICATION Glitch using the Buy Back Feature (Duplicate Anything)

Dying Light: The Following | DUPLICATION Glitch using the Buy Back Feature (Duplicate Anything) – Dying Light, How to duplicate items

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This is a a very useful duplication glitch in dying light the following. Just a heads up, this method is done at the stores in the game and all duplicated items have to be bought again in the buy back feature. So, unless you have tons of money, this is best used for crafting parts, upgrades and the kind of things that aren’t too expensive but very useful. You can duplicate anything if you want though.


Make sure you are connected to the internet and look for an item that you have more than once in you inventory. The number next to the item will be the amount you will be duplicating. I picked the blades in the video which i had 32 of, and i’m looking to get more electronics.

Press sell and choose the number you wish to duplicate but don’t finish the sale yet. Leave the screen at the number you want to duplicate and disconnect from the internet. Go to the console settings like and choose to go offline. If your is wired it’s a lot faster since you only need to pull the plug for a second.

Now, go back to the game and a network notification will have popped up behind the little sale screen. Press A on Xbox or X on the PS4 to close this notification, what this will do is put you back into the inventory selection on the left.

Now here comes the interesting part, whatever item you select next will be the the one that gets duplicated, in my case 32 times. I selected the electronics in the video and it will show me 32 new electronics in the buy back screen once i confirm the sale.


It can happen that the network notification won’t show up after you’ve done this a couple of times, if that happens, make sure that the game saves so you keep your previous items, then quit the game completely and it should work again once you start it up fresh

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