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The Division – 90 min. Gameplay & Impressions (Beta Livestream)

The Division – 90 min. Gameplay & Impressions (Beta Livestream)

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Time Stamps:

Base of Operations 08:13
Main Mission 17:17
Side Mission 41:15
The Dark Zone 1:17:38

First Impressions:

A unique game with similar play styles to those such as other cover shooter games. Add in the open world and third person view and you have yourself a pretty decent game. Now I know there has been a lot of controversy over this game for the last few months but I really see it being a great success. Add in some DLC and co-op play with your friends and it will definitely be a game you would want to play from time to time.


Graphics are great but of course have room for improvement, being a beta and all. I love the visual environments and how interactive everything is. The dark zone looks like you would expect it to, with dark colors and spooky surroundings. Seems like there will be a long main mission line with plenty of side quests to go along with it. Guns seem really realistic with a great deal of kick and movement. Co-op play is extremely fun as well, it gives the game a whole new meaning when able to cooperate with other friends and teammates. The interactive hud is great for simplifying such a complex game and making it easy for any player to jump in and have a good time. The skill system and weaponry is easy to access and customize.


Enemies lack diversity, besides the heavy duty “sponge” bosses, most look the exact same and are wearing the same thing. Now of course being a contaminated wasteland no one will be running around wearing cargo pants but you would still like some visual changes. Enemies do have a tendency to “eat” bullets but you do have a large ammo count to make up for it, just be a good shot and hit the head. Distant environmental objects can look rough but we wont know the final look until the game is released. Missions are quite short some times I have noticed, hopefully further in the game they wont be. Earning credits seems to be difficult as well, which allows you to purchase better armor and weapons.


Final Opinion

Wait and make sure you have friends to play this game with, going alone is no were near as fun as teaming up with a few buddies and taking back the city. It will be a good game with a lot of potential but I can see why people have and will hate on this game. If you like 3rd person shooters and open world environments then this is the game for you.

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