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FALLOUT 4 Secret Locations – Underwater Treasure #4

FALLOUT 4 Secret Locations – Hidden underwater locations. The 4th secret underwater easter egg can be found new Poseidon Energy. This easy loot easter egg starts once you find the message in a bottle.

FALLOUT 4 Secret Locations (Underwater Treasure 4)

INFO: (Make sure you have the perk that lets you breathe under water or you won’t make it there. It’s called Aquaboy and can be found in the endurance perk section)

Location: Near Poseidon Energy

The next underwater exploration takes us to Poseidon Energy in bottom right of the map. A good reference point is the lighthouse in the area.

Face the entrance of the lighthouse and walk right. You can see a huge broken highway in the distance. Look for a red buoy and you will find the message in a bottle next to it.

Now jump into the water and swim to the marker. Dive straight down and you will see a big metal structure, one side will have a hatch that you can open. The underwater treasure is inside this secret location for some extra loot.

FALLOUT 4 Secret Locations – Underwater Treasure #4
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