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Fallout 4 – FREEFALL Armor (No Fall Damage)

Fallout 4 – No Fall Damage with the “Freefall Armor” – No Power Armor needed with legendary leg armor that prevents you from taking any Fall Damage


If this is your first visit to the Mass Fusion Building, you’ll face a lot of enemies. But if you are quick you might get to the Freefall armor without clearing the whole thing out.

Make your way to the Mass Fusion Building and go into the first room on the right. Pick up the trash can by holding A (Xbox) / X (PS) and walk to the big elevator shaft near the two entrance doors.

(If the elevator is already there for you, you can also walk up to the level that has the glass floor.)

While still holding the trash can, turn your back to the elevator wall, look down and keep walking backwards. This will cause you to climb the wall.


Once you’re at the level with the glass floor, exit the shaft by going right or left. Repeat this on the red walls next to the elevator.

Glitch up the wall until you can go left and switch the corner to the wall to your left and get to the next corner. This is where the little hidden room is that you are looking for.

Inside is a safe that contains the Freefall Armor for your legs. Wearing these two pieces of leg armor will completely erase any fall damage you might get, even from ridiculous heights.

source: https://youtu.be/SeOaHjq-58g

Fallout 4 – FREEFALL Armor (No Fall Damage)
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