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Fallout 4 – Farming the best LEGENDARY weapons + perk

Fallout 4 – Farming the best LEGENDARY weapons + perk

LOCATION: Gunners Plaza

Before you start:

– Enable autosaves in the menu (is enabled if you haven’t changed it before).
– Set the difficulty as high as your character can handle it to spawn more legendary enemies.

STEP 1 (creating savegame)

Before you enter the Gunners Plaza, create a savegame. This will be your fallback savegame that you will use to reset all enemies and their weapons inside.

STEP 2 (farming for the weapon)

Inside the building, the game will make an autosave which i’ll explain in step 3. For now, your goal is to run through the building and find the legendary enemies inside (depending on difficulty and luck, 1-4 legendaries). They always carry legendary gear. Kill them and look for something that you want.

If you killed all enemies inside and didn’t find anything useful, load up the savegame outside the building to reset all enemies and weapons inside and try again.

STEP 3 (rolling the perks)

Once you found a legendary enemy with a weapon you like, it’s time to get your favourite perk for it. Load up the autosave game inside the building. This will keep all enemies and weapons as they were before, but still changes up the perks on legendary gear.

Now keep running to the one legendary enemy with your favourite weapon and keep killing and reloading until you have your perfect weapon setup.

Fallout 4 – Farming the best LEGENDARY weapons + perk
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