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Fallout 4 ALUMINUM Locations (How to find aluminum material)

Fallout 4 ALUMINUM Locations (How to find lead material)

Fallout 4 Aluminum Locations


If you are overencumbered and can’t fast travel home, you can invest some of your points into the strong back perk, which let’s you fast travel no matter how much stuff you are carrying.



Aluminum is relatively hard to find in big quantities, but there are a few locations in Fallout 4 that are filled with objects like trays and cans that can give you lots of aluminum in a short time.

LOCATION #1 (00:03)

The first location is the “Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant” on the right cost of the commonwealth. Enter the building and look for the conveyor belt to your right.

You can find about 25 trays there, if you keep looking around you will also find an oil can and about 10 cans that all give you aluminum.

LOCATION #2 (01:10)

The second location filled with aluminum is “Mahkra Fishpacking” in the very top right of the map.

Enter the building and take the elevator down that is built into the floor. Follow the path and you will find about 80 trays on and next to the conveyor belt.

Fallout 4 ALUMINUM Locations (How to find lead material)
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