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Best Armor Mod FALLOUT 4 (Ballistic Weave)

Best Armor Mod FALLOUT 4 (Ballistic Weave)

Five missions are required to obtain this mod. The first one being ‘Road to Freedom’ where you must find the Railroad for the first time. Second being ‘Tradecraft’ where you will be following Deacon before he becomes available as a companion. Next is ‘Boston After Dark’ here you will be locating a prototype for Dr. Carrington.

Afterwards you will need to find an assaultron named PAM who will offer the fourth mission ‘Mercer Safehouse’. Upon completing this mission you must go speak to PAM again and she will offer you the final mission ‘Jackpot: Medford Memorial Hospital’.

Complete this mission and inside the HQ you must find an NPC named Drummer Boy who will prompt you to talk to Tinker Tom. Tom will eventually speak a line of dialogue talking about the ballistic and this is how you know you have the modification available for use.

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