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Fallout 4 Farming Legendary Weapons (Easy Bloatfly Method)

Fallout 4 Farming Legendary Weapons (Easy Bloatfly Method)

This method of farming legendary weapons / items won’t guarantee you a legendary item on every enemy but you have a good chance to get one out of 5 enemies.

This Legendary item farming method can be used while playing the game pretty much as you would anyway. It only requires you to set up a few basic things and you’re good to go.


First you want to make a stop at diamond city and visit doctor sun. Buy the syringer rifle from him and go to a chemistry station. You can find one right next to him. Now you want to craft as many bloatfly larva syringes as you can.

There are a couple of duplication and item glitches around and you definitely want to use one for these. If you don’t know any, here’s a video that will show you a quick method that you can use directly at a station like this.


After you’re done crafting your syringe ammo, put the bloatfly larva syringes into the rifle. You will get to this screen by pressing the reload button while you’re holding the weapon.

It’s also important to know that the difficulty will affect your chances of getting legendary spawns. If you have a strong character or are using a power armor you definitely have an advantage.

Farming Legendary Weapons (THE STRATEGY)

Now here’s how to get your shot at legendaries and you can use this on every enemy type. Shoot him once with the syringe, switch back to a normal gun and kill him.

Since you shot him with the syringe ammo first, a bloatfly will spawn everytime after the enemies death and there is a chance that it is a legendary one, which will always drop a legendary item.

Like i said before, the probability will go up if you’re playing on a higher difficulty. Even at the highest one you won’t get a legendary everytime, but when i was playing on hard, i got one every 4 or 5 times which is still pretty good.

You can also reload before enemies until you get a legendary spawn but i found this to be a pretty fun method while going about your normal playthrough. have a great day and see you next time

Fallout 4 Farming Legendary Weapons (Easy Bloatfly Method)
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