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How to Unlock CS7 Thunderhawk Jet in Just Cause 3

How to Unlock CS7 Thunderhawk Jet in Just Cause 3. This Jet can be unlocked by completing a military base. The CS7 Thunderhawk will be available to you after that.

The CS7 Thunderhawk Jet is a reward you get for taking over a military base. Head over to the one in Costa Sud and prepare for a lengthy battle.


I don’t recommend going in with a helicopter since there is a lot of anti air security in the base. Also you will have to deal with a commander in another helicopter and his shields will make it very hard to stay in the air.

There’s a lot of stuff to destroy in this base, so stock up on rocket ammo, which can also be found in several locations in the base.

Also try to hack as many anti air missiles as you can to make the commander fight easier. You will be alerted when he comes in and his attack helicopter has a shield that only goes down for a short period of time.

Hide behind cover and peak out with your rocket launcher when he is vulnerable. Once he is down clear out the rest of the destructible objects. A small sub-base can be found underneath the huge runway and can easily be missed.

After completing the military base, you will unlock the CS7 Thunderhawk Jet and two new challenges.


The Thunderhawk comes with unlimited homing missiles and cannon ammo which is awesome. When you start out with the game you will only be able to call in the jet every 30 minutes. With gear mods in restock speed you can cut this time in half later and even erase it completely with the last mod.

How to Unlock CS7 Thunderhawk Jet in Just Cause 3
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