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Fallout 4 – How to Join the Railroad – Road to Freedom Quest Guide (Railroad Achievement)

Fallout 4 Road to Freedom Lamp Locations (Quest Guide)

To Join the Railroad, you first have to start the quest “Road to Freedom” which can be done by listening to random people in Diamond City. Some will talk about Railroad rumors and the quest will pop up.


The next step brings you to “Boston Common”. You have to follow the Lanterns that lead you to the Old North Church. The lanterns can be pretty tricky to find but if you play at night and follow the guide, you should have no problem.

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At the Old North Church, walk down into the basement, kill all the enemies and walk to the end where you find a puzzle on the wall. To open the hidden door, you have to spell out “RAILROAD” letter by letter. The Button in the middle is used to activate the letter that the red arrow is pointing to.

Once inside, agree to go on the next mission “Tradecraft” and find Carrington’s Prototype. You can now return to the Church again and join the Railroad.

Fallout 4 Road to Freedom Lamp Locations (Quest Guide)
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