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Halo 5 All Skull Locations (Skull Collectible Guide)

Halo 5 All Skull Locations

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MISSION 1 / Osiris (00:04)


After you fight the Prometheans for the second time you will come to a big gate that’s light with blue beams. You can see a big air battle to your left. Approach the big gate as you would through the story, but instead of passing through it, jump on the rocks to the left and find the IWHBYD skull sitting on the edge of the cliff.

MISSION 2 / Blue Team (00:36)


When you arrive at the reactor room take the ramp to your left and climb on some pipes on the left wall. Follow them to the back left of the room to find a hidden dark area with a vent. Burst through the vent by holding “RB” in the air. The Black Eye skull is located in the left corner in the next room.

MISSION 3 / Glassed (01:29)


The next skull requires you to play on Legendary difficulty.

Fight your way to the big battle area were you get the Scorpion tank. Hop in and drive up the hill. Directly after you make your second turn look left to see a Phaeton chasing an ally aircraft. Shoot the Phaeton down with your Scorpion. If you miss you can immediately try again by reloading.

After Shooting down the Phaeton, you will hear the Grunt birthday party sound effect. The skull has now spawned in 1 of 3 possible locations.

The first skull location is right behind you alongside the fence between two barrels.
The second possible location is on the roof of the building where you got the Scorpion earlier. It is behind a yellow barrel.
The third skull location is near the entrance under the little bridge like stone structure behind two boxes.

MISSION 5 / Unconfirmed (04:50)


Just after the big gate opens to the underground section, look up and jump on the light to your left. Across from it is a platform you can jump to that leads to a small cave where you can find the Blind skull on the ground.

MISSION 6 / Evacuation (05:34)


This skull has a special challenge for you. You have to destroy 5 traffic cones that are spread across the mission in under 2 minutes.

Jump on the Quad at the beginning of the mission and follow the video to all 5 locations. You will know if you passed the time limit if the fifth skull is still in its location you hear the Grunt birthday party sound after you shoot it.

Now continue with the mission until you reach the landing pad at the very top. The Thunderstorm skull will be on the ground just as you come outside.

MISSION 7 / Reunion (07:56)


When you encounter the Covenant for the first time next to a wreckage, turn right before jumping down and follow the narrow path the a grunt that is sitting on a ledge holding the Grunt birthday party skull. Push him down by pressing “X” and grab the skull.

MISSION 7 / Reunion (08:43)


When you hear Cortana at the very end of the mission you would normally walk across the big bridge. But instead go right and take the way up the narrow hill. The Fog skull will be sitting on the floor of a white Forerunner platform.

MISSION 8 / Swords of Sanghelios (09:26)


After exiting the ruins you will come to an area with a broken bridge you have to jump across. Don’t jump and instead look to your right to see a broken pillar that’s leaning on a wall. Carefully make your way up there and jump to a nearby platform using your dash. The Mythic skull will be in front of you on this platform.

MISSION 10 / Enemy Lines (10:26)


At the huge Krake, go inside it and follow the way down to one of the two rooms that have banshees parked. In one of the rooms is a platform with green light. Jump on the structure next to it and get up there. You can also use the banshee to reach it. The Catch skull will be waiting for you in the back.

MISSION 12 / Battle of Sunaion (11:45)


When you see the Arbiter slay an enemy at a door, walk to the very back to the edge where you can see the Guardian. Carefully look down the edge to find some metal sticking out underneath you that you can jump on to. Turn around to find the Cowbell skull.

MISSION 13 / Genesis (12:31)


After crossing the light bridge and fighting the Warden Eternal go right and jump to up the rock structure. On the back are some ledges that you can easily grab on to. The Tilt skull is at the very top.

MISSION 14 / The Breaking (13:36)


A bit after you rode the first lift, the Warden Eternal will appear. Take the path to his left of right to get behind the circular structure. The Famine skull will be back here.

MISSION 15 / Guardians (14:09)


Walk up to the Gamma core and look left. There are some platforms that lead to a pile of stones. The Tough Luck skull will be next to it.

Halo 5 All Skull Locations
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