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Fallout 4 SWORD Location (Shishkebab) + Mini Nukes

Fallout 4 SWORD Location (Shishkebab) + Mini Nukes

Fallout 4 Sword Location in Saugus Iron

Head to the Saugus Ironworks and enter the building. It will be heavily guarded and you will have to deal with a lot of flamers and molotovs.

Make your way to the top where you get a small cutscene. An enemy with a power armor will carry the Shishkebab sword. Use your best weapons to take him out and grab the sword. He also has the roof keys on him which are very handy.

On top you will find 4 mini nukes and some other good loot.

Fallout 4 SWORD Location (Shishkebab) + Mini Nukes

    FYI: The mini-nukes is NOT guaranteed. The ammo box’s contents are random rather than fixed. The fact that there were 4 mini-nukes was what the game decided to give YOU, but it’s not necessarily what other players will find. For instance, I received 20 shotgun rounds and plasma rounds, but zero mini-nukes.

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