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Fallout 4 how to find Nuclear Material Near Crater of Atom

Fallout 4 how to find Nuclear Material Near Crater of Atom


Nuclear Material in Fallout 4 is used for Armor and Weapon mods later in the game. You can craft powerful gear and it is very helpful to have some Nuclear Material in stock.

Here are several Nuclear Material locations in the radiation zone near the Crater of Atom at the bottom left of the map.

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1 – VAULT 95 (00:03)

On top of the Vault you can find a small camp with some gunners and two Assaultrons. These Assaultrons are extremely tough to kill and shoot a deadly laser beam. use your strongest launcher to take them down and grab the Nuclear Material they carry.

2 – INSIDE VAULT 95 (01:15)

Walk down into the Vault and take the elevator. Just when you exit you can enter a door to your right and hack the turrets to help you out. Inside the next room are a bunch of enemies and one more Assaultron with Nuclear Material.


Next up is the Supply Cache that can potentially have some Nuclear Material for you. Enter the bunker, hack the terminal to your left and look inside the duffle bag.

4 – SENTINEL SITE (03:28)

The Sentinel Site is a huge underground complex that you can check. The downside here is that you have to walk from start to finish in the complex because the “glowing one” is at the very end, where you exit the facility again. He doesn’t always carry the Nuclear Material but there’s a good chance and you can grab lots of other loot down there.


The next location is another “glowing one”. Near the O’Neill Family Manufacturing building is a hole in the ground. Go down, take a right and activate the terminal at the end of the hallway. This opens up the door of the small building above. Kill the enemies that come out and search the glowing one for Nuclear material.

6 – Decrepit Factory (04:13)

The last location of this video is the Decrepit Factory right next to the Crater of Atom. The Nuclear Material can be found in the small factory room that’s sticking out of the ground. Look for the Biometric Scanner, which holds 2 Nuclear Materials.

Fallout 4 how to find Nuclear Material Near Crater of Atom
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