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Destiny: The Taken King – Taken Blights Purged Patrol Guide

Destiny: The Taken King – Taken Blights Purged Patrol Guide

The “Taken Blights Purged” Patrol mission can be picked up at patrol beacons across all planets. Press Select/Back to bring up your ghost and find the patrol missions next to you.

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After taking the “Taken Blights Purged” Patrol mission, you have to follow the waypoint to the outskirts. After a short walk you will come to a big gap that you have to cross. Bump up your agility and lift control to get as far as possible. The platforms will appear if you get near to it. You can fall and respawn to use the newly formed platform.

Now keep following the waypoint to an even bigger gap, which is easier to cross because the platforms will appear directly a by the ledge.

Cross the gap and you will reach your target location. Kill the Taken Blights spawning there to summon the boss, Balvog, Shield of Oryx.


My character in the video has a light level of 268 and the fight was not too difficult so you can do this by yourself without any hazzle.

Keep your distance and spam him with heavy weapons and supers. There will still be taken enemies that come for you, so keep an eye out for them and kill them before they crash your position.

Make sure you use “Three of Coins” from Xur if you have it. Balvog has a chance to drop an exotic engram this way.

[expand title=”Achievement List:”]
The Taken King
Complete “The Taken King” quest.

Night Court
Complete “The Court of Oryx” quest.

Hunger Pangs
Complete “The Old Hunger” quest.

Second Wind
Complete the “Echoes of Oryx” quest.

Complete “The Stormcaller’s Path” quest.

Complete “The Sunbreakers’ Challenge” quest.

Complete “The Nightstalker’s Trail” quest.

Still Got Wolf Problems
Complete “The Wolves of Mars” quest.

The King is Dead
Complete the King’s Fall Raid.

Long Live the King
Complete the King’s Fall Raid (Heroic).


Destiny: The Taken King – Taken Blights Purged Patrol Guide
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