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The Best Easter Eggs In Mad Max


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A lot of game and movie references made it’s way into the Mad Max game, including a nod to Half Life 3.

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Just Cause (Grappling Hook) Easter Egg (00:07)

In the Dunes Region of the map, you can find a skeleton attached to a parachute with what looks like a grappling hook attached to his hand. This is a nod to Just Cause, a game developed by Mad Max developers, Avalanche Studios.

Just Cause (Shark Fin) Easter Egg (01:08)

If you enter capture mode in Gastown at the location shown, you will find a motorised shark fin. This is another nod to Just Cause which also featured the shark fin.

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior Easter Egg (02:17)

One of the many health sources in the game is a can of dog food. The can is the same can Max ate in “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior”.

Half Life 3 Easter egg (02:58)

Head to the locations shown in the “Gutgash” area of the map. You’ll find what resembles Gordon Freeman’s dismembered body, his glasses still on his face. His arm will be on top of a crate holding a crowbar. Above the bod is a red “3” on a crate.

Christmas tree Easter egg (04:29)

In the Dunes area of the map, you can find a lone christmas tree surrounded by mannequins…

Dying Light Easter egg (05:16)

At one of the scavenging locations, you can find a crate that greatly resembles one of the crates used in Dying Light…

Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome Easter egg (06:10)

Also found in the Dunes area of the map is the plane from “Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome”…

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