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Destiny The Taken King – Blighted Descendant Location for Queens Wrath Bounty “Take The Wanted”

Blighted Descendant Location for Queens Wrath Bounty in Destiny: The Taken King (Take The Wanted)

The “Blighted Descendant” is part of a public event on Mars and Venus. The Bounty can be collected from Petra in the Reef.

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This video shows the Venus location in the Citadel. Starting from the patrol point on Venus, go left and enter the Ember Caves. Stay right and follow the path to your destination, the Citadel.


Wait in the Citadel until the public event starts, look for this message in the bottom left corner of the screen “Taken forces are corrupting the area”.

In order to get your hands on the Blighted Descendant, you have to kill 3 lieutenants first. They are invisible and spawn one after another. Check the whole area for them, because the Blighted Descendant won’t spawn if you let them escape.

Get up on the big structure in the middle to have a good view of the whole area.

Also look for for taken that are shielding other enemies with a close range laser beam. This will make your search a lot easier since the lieutenants are usually guarded like this.


Shortly after the 3 lieutenants are down, the big boss will spawn. Make sure you have a character will lots of light or some buddies to help you out. It is not an extremely challenging fight but your life will be a lot easier since he also has a ton of backup.

After your rockets and bullets brought him down, the bounty will pop up and you can turn it in through the quest menu.

[expand title=”Achievement List:”]
The Taken King
Complete “The Taken King” quest.

Night Court
Complete “The Court of Oryx” quest.

Hunger Pangs
Complete “The Old Hunger” quest.

Second Wind
Complete the “Echoes of Oryx” quest.

Complete “The Stormcaller’s Path” quest.

Complete “The Sunbreakers’ Challenge” quest.

Complete “The Nightstalker’s Trail” quest.

Still Got Wolf Problems
Complete “The Wolves of Mars” quest.

The King is Dead
Complete the King’s Fall Raid.

Long Live the King
Complete the King’s Fall Raid (Heroic).


Blighted Descendant Location for Queens Wrath Bounty in Destiny: The Taken King (Take The Wanted)
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