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Blast Corps – Oyster Harbor Walkthrough (Rare Replay)


OYSTER HARBOR WALKTHROUGHOyster Harbor is all about speed and knowing your way around.

You start off with the Basllista (Rocket Motorcycle). Using it to destroy the crates is a big time waster, so head straight for the edge where the Basllista can’t go on and continue by foot.


CRANE (00:46)

Find the RamDozer to your left behind the crates and use it to destroy all crates that are blocking the way. Now you have to use the crane to get TNT on top of the blocked bridge. Enter the crane, turn it around 180 degrees and place the platform on the floor. Get back into the RamDozer and push TNT onto the platform. Now get back into the crane and lower the TNT above the blocked bridge. (Sometimes this doesn’t destroy everything and you have to start over)

PUZZLE (01:27)

Get back into the RamDozer and pass the bridge to the next area. Here you have to place the right blocks into the holes in the street. Make sure you don’t push the second block into the opening right next to it. This piece goes into the bottom right corner to open up a new way. This way gives you access to two blocks that are needed to finish this. Another hidden block is on the top right corner behind the 2 big flammable silo’s. Finish this up by destroying the small building on top.

BOATS (03:12)

Take the first boat and ride it to the left. Push the TNT in the boat and go back. Now push the TNT past the next boat and load it on the third. Navigate the boat to the right and push the TNT into the final building. All you have to do now to finish Oyster Harbor, is align the second boat, which can be reached by foot using the small bridge on the middle island.

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