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Captain Excellent’s Top 10 Easter Eggs in Gears of War Series

Best Gears of War Easter Eggs

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Top 10


10 Marcus Fenix Riding A Train – Gears Of War 2 (00:02)

On the map Tyro Station, if you shoot the warning sign, the next time the train passes through the map, Marcus will be riding the train.

Sawed Off Chicken Easter Egg – Gears Of War 3 (00:53)

In Act 4-1 on Insane, head to the window i do and shoot the barely visible COG helmet. Doing so will cause confetti to explode out of a door on the right hand side. Enter the door and kick the arcade cabinet 3 times to play sawed off chicken.

Beard Easter Egg – Gears Of War 3 (02:38)

During the Prologue, as soon as the action starts, make sure that you stick with Dom. You will know if you have done this correctly as you will hear Dom shout “Yo”. When The Game returns to present day, all of the characters will have beards.

Dizzys Cowboy Hat Easter Egg – Gears Of War 2 (03:47)

Towards the end of Act 1-3, shoot the three hats i do. Once you’ve done this, the characters will now be wearing cowboy hats.

Toaster Easter Egg – Gears Of War 2 (04:31)

At the beginning of Act 4-5, you will come to this area. If you shoot the chest i do, you will find a toaster that you can interact with…

Gridlock Mad World Easter Egg – Gears Of War 3 (05:33)

On the multiplayer map Gridlock, if all players can manage to complete a round without destroying any of the Ash people, the non-vocal version of mad world from the Gears of War Trailer will play during the next round.

Cluckshot Easter Egg – Gears Of War 2 (06:45)

In Act 4-1 on Insane, avoid all of the Ash bodies at the beginning of the level to gain access to Griffins stash. Once inside the stash, interact with the “Pirate Chicken”. Once you have spoken to Griffin, you will need to knock over the 3 ammo crates that i do…

Once you knock over the third crate, a chicken piloting the fallen ammo boxes will appear and drop off the cluckshot. A Rocket Launcher that fires chickens.

Dancing Wretch Easter Egg – Gears Of War 3 (09:32)

On the multiplayer map Checkout, there are three fire alarms. Hit the one in the home goods spawn, the run over to the electronics center and shoot the box in the now open door and pick up the fire extinguisher. The run over to the pharmacy and extinguish the fire alarm that is on fire and wait for the shopping cart to roll into view outside the glass wall. Shoot the red top hat in the cart and the turn around and head to the checkout.

In the window to the right of the checkout shoot the red top hat that will spawn. Once done, move into the checkout and the car that is smashed into the wall will light on fire. Extinguish it and then head to the washrooms to the right of the electronics center and shoot the cane hanging out of the roof.

Then go back to the electronics center and extinguish the radio to the left of the door where you got the extinguisher.

Reaper Easter egg – Gears Of War: Judgement (12:30)

In the one-shot room located above the breechshot spawn, a player can throw a grenade up into the rafters to knock loose a painting which will fall off the wall. Next to the portrait, there is a small scrap of paper that can only be destroyed using a snub pistol.

Once the paper is destroyed, a small orb will appear on the COG located on the painting wall.

Then proceed to destroy all the remaining pieces of paper…

After you have destroyed the pieces of paper return to the original painting. A reaper will “phase” out of the picture. If you then shoot the picture you will be teleported to a tomb where you have to fight a reaper, one on one.

Golden Lambent Chicken – Gears Of War 3 (16:42)

In Act 1-1, after you raise the lift so the Raven can land, there should be four tubes, two on either wall. Walk up to each one and wait until your character calls “Hello!” down the tube.

Once you have shouted into all of them, a chicken should pop out of one. If you shoot at it enough times, it will mutate into a ten foot tall lambent chicken and attack you by shooting fire out its mouth.

Best Gears of War Easter Eggs
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