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Best Easter Eggs in Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V)

Best Easter Eggs in GTA 5
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Captain Eggcellent got to work on GTA 5 and compiled some of the best easter eggs here. GTA 5 is huge and so are the opportunities for little references and fun throw backs. From movie, TV show and game references, to a random drawing of a penis chicken, this game holds all kinds of secrets that want to be discovered.

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Here are some of the Best Easter Eggs in GTA 5

Penis shaped chicken Easter Egg (00:10)

On the side of Mount Chiliad, you can find a drawing of a penis shaped chicken. On the 360 & Ps3 you will instead find a face. This could be the face of Jesse Pinkman from “Breaking Bad” or just a random developer who worked on GTA V.

Aston Martin JB 700 Easter Egg (00:45)

During the mission “Deep Inside”, you are tasked with stealing a car from a film set. The car in question is the JB 700 which is a reference to the iconic Aston Martin DB500. The vehicle even comes equipped with deployable spikes and an ejector seat.

Master Chief Easter Egg (01:42)

Outside of Cinema Doppler, you can find a street performer dressed in a green spaceman costume. Whilst there is a show in GTA called “Republican Space Rangers”, this is a reference to Master Chief from the Halo series and his Mjolnir Armour.

No Country for Old Men Easter Egg (02:35)

If you go to the Chiliad Mountain State wilderness, you will find a reference to the film “No Country for Old Men”. If you continue past the bodies and down the hill, you will find a dying man and a briefcase containing $25.000. If you choose to take the briefcase you will be hunted down by hitmen.

UFO Easter Egg (05:05)

Off the Northern Coast of Paleto Bay you can find a submerged UFO. Two other UFO’s can also be found once yu have achieved 100% completion of the game.

Red Dead Redemption Easter Egg (05:54)

Inside the home that Franklin acquires later in the game, you can find a book called “Red Dead by J. Marston”. J. Marston could either be John Marston, the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption, or his son Jack.

Max Payne 3 Easter Egg (06:17)

If you go to Sub Urban as Michael, you are able to  buy a Hawaiian shirt very similar to the one Max Payne wears in Max Payne 3, which is another game created by Rockstar.

Drive (Movie) Easter Egg (06:37)

If you go to any Binco or discount store as Trevor, there is a jacket called “Champagne Driver Blouson”, which has a crab on the back. This is a reference to the movie “Drive”, as the main character wore the same jacket, the only difference being that there was a scorpion on the back.

Frozen Alien Easter Egg (07:29)

The prologue mission guides the player to drive a getaway car over a rail crossing but instead, turn right and go under the bridge, stop the car and get out. You will find a frozen alien in the river.

Dead Island Easter Egg (08:00)

There are numerous billboards scattered around the game for the TV show “Rehab Island”. A commercial for the show can also be found on TV. The logo in the middle looks similar to the logo from the game “Dead Island”, with a marijuana leaf replacing the palm tree.

Ghost Easter Egg (08:45)

Between 23:00 and 00:00, a female ghost appears on the easter peak of Mount Gordo. The ghost doesn’t move, and will not react to you being present or shooting it. The ghost fades away if you get too close, and reappears when you move a way. During the time the ghost is present, the word “Jock” appears written in blood on the rocks under the ghost.

If you head to the in game website “www.whokilledleonorajohnson.com/page15”, you will learn that the ghost is “Jolene Cranley-Evans”, the wife of John “Jock” Cranley. John is a candidate in the race for Governor of the state of San Andreas. He was arrested on suspicion of murder but was released without charge…

Lost (TV Show) Easter Egg (10:24)

By using the Submersible, you can find the famous “Hatch” from the TV series Lost, which is located to the far east of the map, over the coast near the San Chianski Mountain range. You can not get too close to the Hatch by Submersible nor diving, as you will be crushed.

Gone in 60 Seconds Easter Egg (11:15)

Inside Hayes Autos, you can find a list of vehicles illuminated by a black light, this is very similar to the list shown in “Gone in 60 Seconds”.

Thelma & Louise Easter Egg (11:59)

If you go to the right part of the mountains between 7:00 and 8:00 pm you see a vehicle similar to the one from Thelma & Louise. A few feet behind the vehicle are police cars and a helicopter. You see an officer begin to approach the vehicle, as he gets closer the vehicle’s engine starts and the car drives off the edge of the cliff.

Best Easter Eggs in GTA 5

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